Trekking in Padar island is one of the most rewarding trekking trails in Komodo National Park. But Do you know where is Padar island? Padar, also known as Pada, is a small island located between Komodo and Rinca islands within Komodo Archipelago, administratively under the West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is the third largest island part of Komodo National Park.

About Padar Island

The Komodo archipelago is famous for Komodo dragons, giant lizards that can measure up to 3 metres (9.8 ft) long. However, unlike neighboring islands of Komodo and Rinca that are teeming with the ferocious lizards, on Padar island the Komodo dragon was considered extinct. As of 2004 the Komodo Survival Agency has reported at least 12 individuals including one hatchling Komodo Dragon, showing that the dragons hold on the island of Padar is not over yet.

The topography of the island is rugged, with steep volcanic mountains and hills set against deep bays. Padar has a dry climate, with only bushes and grassland vegetation covering the island, creating savanna hills. Padar island has four deep bays with beaches in different colors, most of them are white sands, while some beaches have grey and pink sands. The sea surrounding the island has several sites popular for scuba diving and snorkelling.

When you anchor in Padar Island, the hills seemed to be way probably higher than you expected. Prepare your good Shoes on and just do it. It is there for the view and take your camera, do not leave without your dream photo.

To reach the summit we need to walk around 30 minutes to one hour. The terrain is tough, sandy and with some loose rocks, you need strength and balance to keep moving up. But for every step, every meter you go up, the view you get from the island and the beaches around gives you the power to keep moving. You gonna sweat, you gonna be tired, and you gonna be in ecstasy when you arrive at the top. So far, Trekking in Padar is one of the most rewarding trekking trails in Komodo National Park.