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Mutiara Flores Boat Komodo

Specifications & Facilities

Mutiara Flores Boat Komodo is a traditional wooden boat. It caters for both leisure trip and diving beautiful underwater around Komodo island, Indonesia. Designed comfortably to accommodate up to 4 passengers with 2 air condition cabins with 2 sharing bathroom.

Mutiara Flores Boat Komodo has been fully renovated for upgrading and improvement in 2021. This Boat actually had been sailing around Komodo island since few year back. All facilities onboard also clean and both management and crews are very good, always ready to serve all the guest. It is to make sure they feel pleasure of comfort during their stay onboard Mutiara Flores Boat Komodo.

Tour Komodo with Mutiara Flores Boat Komodo is actually based on charter. we offer the price for daily basis, therefore you can plan the trip and we will follow your trip planning. We have also some fixed program in our Komodo Tours, then you can pick the best for you and let us know. otherwise you can let us your available time to explore Komodo National Park, we can then create a customized program for you.

Our Boat offers sometimes a joint tour. It means we have some participants for certain dates but we need more guests to complete the Boat for better price for everyone. Therefore, please let us know your tour planning to Komodo Island, perhaps it meets our schedule.


boat komodo tour



boat komodo tour



Boat Charter Komodo Liveaboard, Indonesia

Mutiara Flores Boat

Mutiara Flores Boat Komodo offers tours around Komodo island to discover the highlights places and activities inside Komodo National Park such as Komodo Dragon

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