Labuan Bajo; small town on the westernmost tip of Flores, Indonesia

Labuan Bajo is a launching point to explore the island’s interior of Flores and Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo is gradually turning into a busy spot because of the increasing number of visitors to Komodo National Park. Most of Tours to discover Komodo National Park and Flores Island deeper are starting from Labuan Bajo. We can easily find local wooden Boats embarked at the Harbor in Labuan Bajo and are waiting for the people going to explore Komodo National Park. Now we can find some international Restaurants, Hotels and Coffee Shop along the street near the main Harbor.

Labuan Bajo is capital of the district of Manggarai Barat (West Manggarai) and it is at the westernmost tip of Flores island. The City becomes more famous Since Komodo National Park has been declared as Premium Destination.

Labuan Bajo continues to develop the city by building several supporting facilities as a premium tourist destination.  We can see some developments going on and on. Whether it is supported by Government; local or central government or by private company and Business Owner. Some star Hotels are there such as Ayana Resort, Jayakarta Hotel, Bintang Flores Hotel, La Prima, Inna Labuan Bajo, Puri Sari, Sudamala Resort and some other small Hotels and Guest House.

How to get to Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

Since Labuan Bajo is the starting point to explore Komodo Island and to discover the interiors of Flores Island, there are Daily Flights from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo. There are also direct Flights from Jakarta, Surabaya and Lombok to Labuan Bajo. As a Premium Destination, Labuan Bajo Airport continues to develop in terms of the length of airport runway, facilities and also human resources. It is only 5 minutes from Komodo Airport to get to the harbor by car. At the Harbor, all local wooden boats are ready to escort you to explore the Komodo National park. We strongly recommended to arrange your trip far in advance, not on the spot. It is to avoid that you get a last-minute price or there is no Boats available.

The Komodo dragons are the stars of the show in Komodo National Park. We can find the most Dragons in Rinca Island and Komodo island. There are many other things to see such as fabulous Pink Beach, enchanting view from Padar Island and also superb underwater paradise for snorkelers and divers.

labuan bajo flores

Things you can do in Labuan Bajo

Besides exploring Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo has many things to offer to visitors. Some attractive spots are Batu Cermin (Mirror Cave), Rangko Cave, Hatamin Island coral conservation and Cunca Wulang Waterfall.