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Benediktus Onor



Edward is originally from Flores but spends most of his life in Bali. He knows travel. He is not a new comer in the travel Industry as he grows with several reputable travel companies since 1995.  he likes to travel and helping others to organize their next holiday and giving the unforgettable experiences.

He had been visiting some attractive places in Indonesia and unforgettable destination is a very remote Bajo village in Togean islands, part of Toja Una-una, north Sulawesi. Even there are no internet/ phone access available in that area but for him, being with the origin Bajo people is really a good lesson in life when he could chat with the people to understand how they survive. And also swimming in the saltwater lake with jelly fish is something cool. So far, his favorite destination is his own hometown Flores not because he comes from there but there’s so many beautiful places to visit and discover.

For him,  establish a travel company is a way to promote the local wisdom to the world. Then he can share his experience and knowledge in travel industry where he grew and practicing it to help other people upgrading their skills of service and giving the happiest and unforgettable moments to the guests.